Birth, Puberty, Menarche, pregnancy plus Menopause are the five main events which occur in any woman’s life. These events are marked by assorted biological changes in the body accompanied by psychological transformations which can be severe at times. However, intensity of these transitions can be smoothened by regular practicing regarding Yoga.

The asanas not only help the woman to stay in shape but more increase her overall welfare by improving health also enhancing her sense of self control. Women have to play various roles in the society and her responsibilities have now increased tremendously in today’s allegro pacing lifestyle.

Women can start practicing Yoga at any age. Not starting earlier makes them deprived of some benefits, veto doubt, but they can still derive the maximum benefits of asanas even at middle age or old age.

Yoga during childhood:-

The benefits of doing Yoga during childhood are usually same for both the girls et al boys. They become physically active, less susceptible to illnesses and tend to recover earlier. Prolonged practice keeps childhood obesity at bay yet delaying menarche and the associated complications of early menstruation.

On the cognitive level, asanas increase confidence, make children more consciousness of their mind and bodies. These children frequent have good cognitive abilities, are often less stressed further able to concentrate in a better way.

Yoga during adolescence:-

Adolescence is the major transforming stage in quantity woman’s life and practicing asanas can make the transformation easier. It helps for facilitating regular and painless periods, promotes growth spurts by increasing bone flexibility and muscle tone. The girl develops positive body image that helps her to declension self consciousness. Better management of emotions and mood swings also becomes easier. Regular yoga assists to cure menstruation consanguinity problems, to rejuvenate hormonal imbalance and to assist phase from reproductive organs.

Yoga during motherhood:-

The asanas combined with Pranayama -the breathing techniques increases the flow from oxygen in the body. It is beneficial for brain development of the fetus. The controlled alive technique used midst labor eases the pain. It leads to toning of back muscles which is crucial for carrying the baby in womb. Prenatal yoga helps women to successfully deal with labor pain, reduces labor time furthermore leads to faster restoration of energy. After delivery, it reduces stress associated with raising the baby, disheveled schedules and disturbed sleep. It enhances the intelligent peace and calmness which helps to increase the breast milk. Hut of internal support system is again facilitated with regular practicing of asanas.

Yoga during Old age:-

Yoga helps to maintain emotional, physical and psychological balance in menopausal and post menopausal periods. The asanas help to maintain hormonal balance, keep body weight in check, make amends pressure circulation and observe problems like thyroid misbehave at bay.

Overall, yoga is quite effective as the woman’s attains maturity. It nought only helps her to multitask, but including makes her more able to fulfill the responsibilities thrust by nature similar well as demanding situation. Women who tower to be healthy dig the hindmost breath should instill the habits regarding performing asanas regularly.