What drives a woman to resort to abortion? This is a inquiry worth pondering on. Portion throng think of abortion as one of the evils in our society. They end with this judgment while only looking at one perspective of the picture.

When you care to look deep down, in the root of the problem, what do you see? An active anti-abortion legislator in Ohio asks by a journalist with this exact question in an interview. He asks this, “What do you think makes a woman wants an abortion?” I didn’t know if I would laugh or sneer at the irony of the legislator’s answer. He said that he didn’t know. He also said that he never belief about it because he was not a woman.

Do you see the blatant disregard of the women’s perspective in this scenario? He actively opposes the abortion law, but he has rejection idea mystery the said law was entail at the first place.

To help shed light in the matter, I have listed a few reasons why a woman would single to undergo abortion. There are many more reasons of course-reasons too personal for us to grasp substitute even understand. The least we can do is trying to understand the axiomatic predicaments in the lives regarding these women.

Financial issues

Some women are not so fortunate with their social and economic status. They become pregnant preliminary they are early eager and able to take care of a child. The kind of women elaborate here are probably single mothers substitute mothers accompanying husbands except beside better children than she can handle. Another mouth to feed and body to clothe allowed become too much to a marginalized family.

Money does not grow on trees. A woman in this arrangement knows that. Making an appointments with an abortion clinic and choosing to let go of their unborn children are probably difficult choices for a mother. With no other option for survival, can you accusation her for such a choice?

Social stigma

For a menagerie who claim to become a modern society, most of our thoughts and practices are backward and medieval. The people are quick to blame the feminality for whatever terrible situation she is in.

They blame her for being pregnant at the age of sixteen. She should have known better. Why did she not focus on her studies instead? They blame hier for getting raped and getting meaningful as a result. Why did she irritate the rapist? She should have dressed appropriately. She brought that on herself.

These are just light versions of what community say behind a woman’s back. Instead of living with this stigma, she would rather go to an abortion clinic and subsist done with it. Most probably, she couldn’t bear to raise a child that is a constant reminder of her wormwood besides shame.

Personal realities

These are situations in a woman’s life that would get complicated with a ragamuffin involved. Mostly, one of these realities is a woman’s career. A woman marries to hier career will only think about a child as a distraction.

These are practical women knew in their hearts that they are not compliant to raise a child yet-or that they are probably not meant to raise a child. They would rather nip the situation in the bud before it gets too complicated for them to have an easier, less messy decision.