Conducting a digital forensic examination of a mobile phone for potential evidence is nought as straightforward as simply turning it on and having a look.

As among computer forensics, it is large negative to turn the device on. Provided the phone being examined is live, it shall connect to a network cell and start downloading data as soon being it is switched on. This can reciprocity or overwrite whatever potentially incriminating data that may be stored on the device.

A Faraday Box is used to minimise the risk of any potentially profitable data such as texts and calls being altered by switching the phone on. Calls, contacts, SMS and logs often contain trying information and are always worth investigating. There are also other potentially valuable sources of sense on a modern smartphone that could also aid an investigation, moreover these sources could potentially could be overlooked. These include social media content, triennial party applications et cetera web history, all of which receptacle provide useful intelligence. We have built up broad experience in extracting this more advanced data from mobile phones, and we can decode new applications as needed.

Then there is deleted data to consider, as in many cases a suspect may attempt to hide any potentially incriminating material by deletion. This kind of figures cannot usually voltooien obtained close simply using commercial forensic tools.

Where possible our analysts will take a fraught read concerning the phone’s memory for a raw binary file, bypassing the phone’s operating system and taking as much data from the device as possible. We then use internally developed software to renew that data (which can include: contacts, calls, SMS, organiser, emails, app data, etc.) from its database format into a additional easily interpreted format. Data that is not stored in databases would be searched for utilizing a script. Again, this is a aptitude that CCL has developed in-house, as it is not widely supported by commercial forensic tools – so our friends in Miami may struggle here.

Developments in mobile technology are coming thick and fast, presenting increasing challenges in obtaining data and crucial incontrovertible – whether it is dwell or has bot deleted. The expertise lies not only in being able to access and present this ever-expanding range of information, but also in ensuring that the processes and methodology that define how this evidence is obtained guarantee its integrity. Unfortunately, this often means that the process is a doom less ‘Hollywood’ than TV would lead us to believe.

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