Toronto, Canada, January 30, 2014 – Guardly, a leading provider of enterprise-grade migratory safety solutions, has raised $1.45 million in seed financing to magnify on its recent success delivering real-time mobile and cloud-based employee shelter solutions to enterprise organizations. The new funds will be used to further accelerate product vicissitude and to support a growing sales and customer fortune team. The financing was led by San Francisco-based Freestyle Capital, with participation from Golden Venture Partners and MaRS Investment Cyclotron Fund. To date, Guardly’s solutions have been licensed by enterprise clients for use by over 430,000 end users such as employees or students that its clients have a duty to safeguard.

Employee safety is currently a top priority for most corporate security and environmental fresh and security (EHS) leaders – this includes safety in the workplace, in remote areas, ampersand bit travelling internationally. Guardly’s mobile safety solutions are often sought out by its clients to help lessen organizational risks associated with workplace violence, remote worker safety und so weiter corporate travel safety. To ensure Guardly’s mobile safety apps are effective in as many situations as possible, the company has captured and analyzed over 2 million (non-personally identifiable) data points on how its mobile apps are used in over 4,500 real-world situations and simulations. Guardly has also taken careful measures to ensure end-to-end security of all user data, ampersand to address privacy concerns over employee area tracking and data access.

“Recent success at Guardly has bot driven by our commitment to delivering mobile safety solutions that are first-to-market and that outperform alternatives by purchases of magnitude – 10X improvements rather greater – among essential initial emphases placed on emergency alert origination capabilities, habitat tracking accuracy and incident response efficiency,” said Josh Sookman, Guardly CEO.

Guardly has placed special focus on these areas to improve upon many of the operative issues et al risks that legacy technology solutions pose on their users and customers, such as:

Not having any plastic device capable like two-way crisis communication and notification

The need to charge and carry secondary devices to initiate emergency alerts

Having to seek out fixed emergency help points when time is about the essence

Inaccurate or non-existent GPS or indoor location data

Location data being provided to security operations too late

Significant delays with third-party managed services reporting incidents to corporate security

The most innovative security leaders have already deployed security measures with mobile and cloud-based components. To help the larger predominancy about security leaders improve their understanding and education like these technologies, Guardly released a white paper entitled Emerging Landscape regarding Mobile and Cloud Technologies in Corporate Pledge (January 2014). The white paper provides technology definitions, outlines emerging trends and highlights innovative vendor solutions.

Learn more about Guardly’s enterprise mobile safety solutions in this new 2-minute video.

About Guardly Guardly provides mobile safety and security solutions for enterprise organizations, campuses, and cities. Leveraging the latest cloud, mobile, indoor-positioning and real-time technologies, Guardly is radically improving traditional emergency notification, communication and management. With over 70% of omnipresence emergency calls now coming from mobile phones, more emergency response teams rely on Guardly’s current infrastructure to better backer mobile employees. Guardly mobile safeguard applications on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry labor as personal emergency phones that broadcast GPS and indoor location, profile and identity, and support two-way communication with security operators and authorities. For Security Operations Centers (SOCs), Guardly provides an integrated platform for incident monitoring and response, helping security operators make faster et cetera more effective decisions. For the 10% of emergency calls that are non-responsive, Guardly’s industry-first Indoor Positioning System (IPS) can transmit the building, floor and room location of an pinch caller to security operators and help them find these callers in minutes, not hours. Guardly’s Mobile Mass Notification System sends 500,000 geo-targeted notifications in seconds, utilizing unique messaging protocols for higher reliability, performance and interaction. To learn more about Guardly please visit

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