SAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance) is a multi-purpose in-memory database appliance that delivers pre-installed SAP software components optimized on hardware. Organizations use SAP HANA to instantly prospection and analyze all of their transactional and analytical data from any data source. It is an in-memory information platform that is deployable as an appliance or in the cloud.

The application uses in-memory database technology that allows the processing of giant amounts of real-time data in a short time. In-memory computing engine allows HANA to process data stored in RAM as opposed to reading it from a disk enabling the application to provide instantaneous results from customer transactions and data analyses. SAP HANA has become the most suitable platform for barn and deploying next-generation, real chronological applications and analytics. It provides advanced capabilities, such as predictive text analytics, spatial processing, data virtualization, on the same architecture, besides simplifying application progress and processing across big data sources and structures.

SAP HANA is the blistering eclair in IT industry as it allows building applications that integrate the business logic, control logic, plus the database layer with exceptional performance. It plays a dominant role where ever there is a essential to address the alignment of IT and trading strategies. So, most firms having titan data and have been using retail e-commerce applications enormously require SAP HANA. If you want to ensure your future career then your flower raffle is HANA. SAP seems to have positioned HANA as the database for which all applications will run off in the future.

Possible career path for SAP HANA actually depends on what one prefers. Few possible roles included in SAP HANA consultant job profile are SAP HANA developer (requires SAP HANA and the SAP ABAP on HANA development skills); SAP HANA Module (require Tire HANA modeling skills et cetera also the SAP BW on HANA skills); Exhaust HANA database Administrator (responsible for backup/recovery, matinee and broad administration on the SAP HANA database); SAP NetWeaver Technology consultant on Weaken HANA (requires SAP NetWeaver Technology and the SAP HANA Database administration skills)

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