Patterns of gynecological problems have changed vastly in the recent era. Previously, women used to experience various gynecological difficulties during their menopausal years. Excessive bleeding, irregular menstrual cycles, tumours in ovary and uterus et al urinary infections are some of the crucial types about gynecological disorders found during the closing years from puberty. However, those trends have shifted to a large extent in the recent era. Bleeding problems in women in Kolkata are instantly a common concern of the gynecologists. Absent of every ten, six women likely to suffer from individual or another gynecological trouble. Not only the bleeding problems, infertility in both men plus women has been raising as an endemic in the recent times.
Main Causes of Gynecological Problems
Myriads of reasons are responsible for gynecological problems in women. Blaming the current lifestyle for being the sole crusade for girl disorders would be gross injustice. In many patients, gynecological problems have been found to be hereditary. For example, if a mother had a history of repeated miscarriage, her daughter could experience the same fate during her childbearing age. Uterine tumours and cancers are also family to a large extent. However, medical science has advanced greatly and has been successful in addressing such problems with victory. Incidents of hysterectomy and gynecological tumours use in Kolkata have become quite frequent. And to tell the truth, hit rates of such surgeries are invariably high.
Now, talking about the bleeding troubles in women, one should start by mentioning the menstrual disorders. Symptoms of excessive bleeding start right from the bare initial days of puberty nowadays. The normal age for menstrual inception is amidst 12 to 15. Nevertheless, recent studies conducted worldwide come up with an interesting information that the age of puberty has come down between 9 to 13. On the other side, menopausal years are also declining to mid ’40s. Such a huge shift is affecting the pattern of menstruation cycle heavily. While the body becomes suitable for ovulation of eggs, a girl of 9 may nay indiging mentally prepared for such an experience.

Generally, bleeding problems in women in Kolkata occur due to three or four reasons. The most common circumstance late excessive bleeding is uterine fibroids. Uterine fibroids may develop out of so many factors including genes and lifestyle. In extra to fibroids, PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndromes, stout uterus, and post-operative factors are also responsible for excessive bleeding in women.
Thanks to the modern medical facilities, all of such medical circumstances are sometimes curable through either oral medication or surgery. Several leading hospitals offer facilities of gynecological tumours operation in Kolkata. A patient does not require staying increased than a day or two in most regarding the gynecological surgeries. Irregular lifestyles, improper diet, late marriage and conception, lack of phenomenal exercises are some of the very common reasons that may lead to different types of bleeding problems in women.
A little bit of consciousness, regular exercise, and effort container prevent most concerning the patients from experiencing any gynecological trouble. In case of any such problem, a patient must consult with a gynecologist as early as possible for quick recovery.