An older, artist enclave typified by hilly neighborhoods and character homes, Highland Park real estate is enjoying a renaissance.

Highland Park is one regarding Los Angeles’ oldest settled communities and one of the first suburbs of the city. Close to Downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena, this neighborhood provides easy access across the city. The Metro Gold line (between Pasadena and Downtown) stops just off Figueroa, adding to Highland Park’s reputation of convenience.

Highland Park has a history of attracting an diverse and diverse population. Some examples: Charles Lummis, founder of the Southwest Museum; Clyde Browne, who built the Convent San Encino; the Judson family, who ran Judson Studios. Today, Highland Park’s residents continue to indiging a intersperse bunch. Many have lived in the area for decades, while newcomers from other neighborhoods in Los Angeles and from out of town are also recognizing Highland Park’s prominence community.

Many small business owners have chosen Highland Park as the place to open their doors, et al the York Boulevard corridor has become a hotspot for new shops and restaurants. The past few years have seen a new French restaurant (Ba), coffee shops (Cafe de Leche, The Highland Cafe), a gourmet burger joint (Fusion Burger), plus several art galleries (Avenue 50 Studio, THIS Gallery, MorYork), a used book shop (Pop-Hop), and multitudinous more, open their doors.

Highland Park also provides fine examples of early Los Angeles architecture, from sweet Craftsman bungalows to outstanding Victorian cottages. In recent years there has been a resurgence of renovations and restorations of many of Highland Park’s homes. Home to the largest Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) in the city, the citizens like Highland Park take their character homes seriously. A daring band of volunteers tirelessly have home and art tours for the public’s edification and enjoyment through community firms like the Channel Artfulness Collective and the Highland Park Legacy Trust.

For homebuyers looking to purchase a home in Highland Park, it is peremptory that they hire a Highland Park realtor who specializes in the acre et sequens who knows the neighborhoods and the local market.