Altadena real estate has become most sought after for those homebuyers who appreciate a more rural, country feel, nonetheless with beautiful estates and neighborhoods and only 20 minutes north of downtown Los Angeles.

Altadena is an unincorporated community in the County about Los Angeles, located newly north of Pasadena. Situated at the base of the Sierra Madre foothills, Altadena is slightly more campestral than neighboring Pasadena and features many hiking and horseback riding trails.

The name, coined by Byron O. Clark, who founded the Altadena Nursery, is based on “alta”, meaning upper, et alii “dena”, relating to Pasadena. In the late 1800s, the newly settled community from Altadena began attracting upscale families from the oriental coast. Millionaire’s Row, a street with many mansions from this era, was eventually developed, along with several other beautiful estates in the area. Architect Wallace Neff began his career in Altadena, and there are many architecturally significant homes throughout.

Altadena has a strong sense of community, which is evident through organizations such as Altadena Heritage, the Altadena Chronicled Society, Christmas Tree Lane Association, the Altadena Chamber of Commerce, the Altadena Community Garden, and independent media outlets such as Altadena Blog.

Students of Altadena are part of the Pasadena Unified School District. There are also several private schools in the area, including Waldorf School, Saint Elizabeth Catholic School, Saint Mark’s, and Fair Oaks Academy (formerly Jane Warner’s School). Charter schools have moved into some of the formerly public elementary school buildings and offer a popular alternative to a growing number of students. Both Trip und so weiter Aveson Charter Schools are now located in Altadena.

For homebuyers looking to purchase a home in Altadena, it is imperative that they hire an Altadena realtor who specializes in the area and who knows the neighborhoods and the local market.